Strategic Actions – S3 Platforms

S3 platforms

The Region of Central Macedonia is actively involved in the European Commission’s “S3 THEMATIC PLATFORMS”. In particular:

  • In the EU approved Thematic Platform on ” High Technique Farming” in the field of agri-food. High-tech crops are a broad concept that refers to a wide range of new tools (robotics, ICT, big data, etc.). The synergistic use of these instruments allows for the transition to the new standard of precision agriculture (SPF). A dedicated High Technology Partnership under the European S3 AGROFOOD platform has been launched at the initiative of the Tuscany Region, to facilitate interregional and cross-border cooperation and projects, thereby accelerating the absorption of precision farming into European agricultural systems. RCM has participated in all platform meetings to date and has provided primary local information material on its platform environment. 
  • As a partner in the EU-approved interregional scheme thematic platform on “Big Data” in the agri-food sector. This platform aims to encourage, stimulate and facilitate the integration of the necessary digital technologies and the application of data to the value chains of agricultural food products.
  • In collaboration with the North Brabant Region (the Netherlands) the Region of Central Macedonia has put forward a proposal under the ‘S3 Thematic Platforms’ and more specifically in the agri-food sector entitled ‘Food, gastronomy and new technologies’ (Food, gastronomy and new technologies) )

Originally the proposal was entitled ‘Rural diversification and smart agri-food destinations’, but after extensive consultations with the JRC, it narrowed the scope of the proposal. This mapping analysis will be utilized within the platform to promote synergies and partnerships, in particular for Readiness Level (TRL) technology around and above 4 in order to enhance interregional innovation and economic impact based on local, traditional and gastronomic products. nutrition in the sense of providing a healthier food supply to meet the needs of targeted consumer groups.

The following are strategic actions under development. More information is expected in the near future:

  • Inter-regional Investments 
  • Digital Innovation Hubs
  • European Entrepreneurial Regions / Project 2020

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