Ris3 One Stop Liaison Office

The RIS3 One Stop Liaison Office is an initiative to support the Region of Central Macedonia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. In particular, it is a structure of mediation and networking between the academic and research institutes with the business community enabling the later to research and identify opportunities in (a) research teams, (b) intellectual property rights to be assigned, (c) mature to exploit research (d) laboratory equipment and research infrastructures to be used; (e) demonstration results; and (f) technical support for utilizing the HORIZON program.

The structure is supervised by the Independent Directorate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The RIS3 One Stop Liaison Office undertakes networking and collaboration initiatives, mapping business needs in the priority areas of the RIS3 Strategy and then organizing targeted actions to address them. 

In this way, it undertakes to support investment and entrepreneurship and to link research, innovation and new technologies produced in the universities and research centers of the region with the real economy. 

The mission of RIS3 – One Stop Liaison Office is to provide a set of services that will develop and contribute substantially to the implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy in the Region of Central Macedonia. These services can be summarized as follows:

  • Operating a Regional Intelligence Information System with continuous data feeds and data retrieval and analysis
  • Monitoring the innovation indicators that are evolving towards the objectives of the RIS3 strategy, through the Regional Intelligence Information System and the preparation of Monitoring Reports
  • Monitoring of the RIS3 Strategy and preparation of Evaluation Reports
  • Support the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Regional Authority in the specification and coordination of actions to update the RIS3 Strategy in the region for the new programming period 2021-2027, through:
    • Research to evaluate the effectiveness of innovation ecosystem actions and interventions to collect data from ecosystem stakeholders
    • Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) in the RIS3 Priority Areas
  • Informing stakeholders of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through the Digital information platform
  • Interconnecting ecosystem stakeholders
  • Implementation of promotional actions of the project implemented in the context of the Smart Specialization Strategy through informative workshops, press releases etc.
  • Monitoring international trends and developments at regional level in the RIS3 areas and providing information to the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem through an interactive web platform. 

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