RIS3 One Stop Liaison Office

Supporting the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. An action by the Region of Central Macedonia.

Regional Governor’s Message


The vision of the Region of Central Macedonia is to become the leading business and innovative region in Southeastern Europe. Enhance research, innovation ecosystems and links between industry, research, governance, and society. The long-term objective is the creation of new products and services and the improvement of existing ones in order to boost their global competitiveness state.



RIS3 One Stop Liaison Office

The RIS3 One Stop Liaison Office is an initiative to support the Region of Central Macedonia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem. In particular, it is a structure of mediation and networking between the academic and research institutes with the business community enabling the later to research and identify opportunities in (a) research teams, (b) intellectual property rights to be assigned, (c) mature to exploit research (d) laboratory equipment and research infrastructures to be used; (e) demonstration results; and (f) technical support for utilizing the HORIZON program.

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